Strength and Conditioning


JK Hockey has partnered with Become An Athlete to create a physical training plan designed with young hockey players in mind. We aim to eliminate the guesswork and give you and your child the right information and coaching support to help them grow into well-functioning young athletes.
Become An Athlete believes everyone should have access to amazing training that is planned, research-based, age-appropriate and most importantly fun. You’ll have access to everything you need through an easy to navigate app available on all devices.
This is the chance for outfield players and goalkeepers to increase their on-pitch performance, off-pitch recovery, movement and running ability, reduce injury and ultimately play stronger and faster hockey.

Free 4 Week Programme


This is a four-week training plan for youth hockey players to complete at home with zero equipment. During this programme, you’ll keep to the basics and learn some great bodyweight based movements. 
Within each session, there are 3 Warm-Up drills followed by 6 Strength exercises with a challenge at the end and when you’re done, enter your score and put yourself against other athletes. You don’t need any equipment and remember to take your time to perform the movements as best you can.” 
How to get started: 
  1. Athletes will need to download the TrainHeroic app which is available on the App Store and Google Play. 
  2. They should create an account and use the code “JKHOME” to gain free access to the programme.