September – December 2018

  • 1st September – Outfield 1-2-1s available.
  • Junior Boys’ Academy: 8 weeks.  Autumn Term. 6.30pm-8.00pm.  Tuesday 11th September, Tuesday 18th September, Tuesday 25th September, Tuesday 2nd October, Tuesday 9th October, Tuesday 16th October, Tuesday 6th November, Tuesday 13th November, Tuesday 20th November (back up session).
  • Senior Boys’ Academy: 4 weeks. Autumn Term.   7.00pm-8.30pm.  Friday 9th November, Friday 16th November, Friday 30th November, Friday 7th December.
  • October Half term 3 day Camp: Wednesday 24th – Friday 26th October 2018.  10.00am-3.30pm (late stay available until 5.30pm) @ Framlingham College.
  • October Goalkeeper Masterclass: Wednesday 24th October.  10.00am-3.30pm @ Framlingham College.
  • October 22nd, 23rd and November 3rd, 4th: 1-2-1 session available
  • Christmas Holidays 1 day Indoor Masterclass: Saturday 29th December 2018. 10.00am-5.00pm @ UEA.  Senior and Junior
  • Christmas Holiday 1-2-1s

January – April 2019

  • Junior Girls’ Academy: 8 weeks.  Spring Term.  6.30-8.00pm.  Tuesdays.  TBC.
  • Senior Girls’ Academy: 4 weeks. Spring Term.   7.00pm-8.30pm.  Fridays.  TBC
  • February Half term 2 day Camp: Wednesday 20th – Thursday 21st February 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm (late stay available until 5.30pm) @ Framlingham College.
  • February Goalkeeper Masterclass: Wednesday 20th February 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm @ Framlingham College.
  • February Half Term 1-2-1s
  • Easter Holidays 3 day Camp: Wednesday 10th – Friday 12th April 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm (late stay available until 5.30pm) @ Framlingham College.
  • Easter Goalkeeper Masterclass: Wednesday 10th April 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm @ Framlingham College.
  • Easter Holiday 1-2-1s

May – June 2019

  • Junior Mixed Academy: 8 weeks.  Summer Term.  6.30-8.00pm.  Tuesdays.  TBC
  • Senior Mixed Academy: 8 weeks.  Summer Term.   6.30-8.00pm.  Thursdays.  TBC
  • Summer Half Term 1 day High Performance Masterclass: Friday 31st May 2019.  11.00am-5.00pm @ Framlingham College.
  • Summer Half Term 1-2-1s

July – August 2019

  • Summer Holidays 1-2-1s
  • High Performance Camp: Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th August 2019. 11:00am-5:00pm @ Framlingham College
  • Summer Holidays 3 day Camp: Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st August 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm (late stay available until 5.30pm) @ Framlingham College.
  • Summer Goalkeeper Masterclass: Monday 19th August 2019.  10.00am-3.30pm @ Framlingham College.

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for another great JK hockey camp – Marnie and Rory had an absolutely brilliant time, once again! So well organised, and such a great fun.